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How do I find a Startup fundraising right now?

Use the left panel section of the dashboard labelled “who is raising”. Find out which Startups are raising pre-seed and seed stage funding from all over the world. We continue to build more capabilities to help you find more Startups across the globe.

How do I find the “key decision makers” at a Startup?

As a small business owner or a Startup founder, partnerships are very important when trying to scale your business. The video attached allows you to find the people responsible for signing off the big checks.

How do I find the person responsible for partnerships?

Business development reps looking for the person responsible for partnerships at a tech Startup can simply use Prelo. In early-stage Startups, the role of the head of partnerships is still typically performed by the founder or co-founder.

How to claim up to 50% discount on Prelo?

Every 2 weeks we launch random discounts on Prelo! Yes, we give away anything between 10% and 50% in discounts to help small business owners. Discounts are redeemable over a 24hr period and you have to be logged in to get notified

How do I invite my friends to join Prelo?

Guess what, we’ve created a simple way for you to build up some equity on Prelo. When you invite your friends to use Prelo, you are building up credits that can go towards accessing more contacts in under-the-radar Startups. Check out our short video.

How do I find a Startup Job on Prelo?

The freemium version of Prelo is perfect for jobseekers, we collect data on open vacancies with tech Startups every day. Simply follow the steps in this video and in 2 clicks you can find out how many open “Developer jobs” exist in AI related Startups.

How do I receive Startup investment updates?

The Startup industry is moving at pace. With over $170bn invested in tech Startups last year, we’ll help you stay on top of the latest Startup fundraises. Use Prelo’s “activities feed” on your dashboard to view regular investment updates across all verticals

How do I “add notes” to Startups I find interesting?

Did you know that you can now add notes to Startups listed on Prelo? We’ve created a simple but effective way of doing this. In fact, you can now view a history of all the notes you’ve added about a Startup that piqued your interest

How do I know if a Startup is well funded?

Find out the last funding amount of any Startup listed on Prelo. Contact the company directly via their LinkedIn information, phone number and a contact email address. Access the list of business contact details provided in the contacts section

How do I “Shortlist” a Startup I’m interested in?

Whilst we may not be a CRM, here's a simple way to shortlist Startups you’d like to do business with. You don’t need a spreadsheet to stay on top of your outreach, simply set a company’s status in the action or the icon columns