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We've made it so easy for you to find and connect with well-funded,
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$ 0

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  • Great for Consultants
  • πŸ’‘ 8 Email Contacts/month Reveal up to 8 downloadable email addresses every week on the basic plan
  • πŸ’‘ 2 Companies/week Download up to 2 companies every week on the basic plan
  • πŸ’‘ Regular Hiring Updates Receive regular updates about who is hiring, when they last hired and what jobs they're hiring for
  • πŸ’‘ Latest Fundraises Find out which Startup raised funds, how much they raised, what industry they serve and if they're going to be raising soon
  • πŸ’‘ No Template Access This is not available to customers on our Basic plan


$ 23

  • Everything in Basic Plan
  • πŸ’‘ 40 Email Contacts/week Access 250+ contacts & download 40 email addresses every week on the standard plan
  • πŸ’‘ 40+ Companies/week Access 250+ companies & download 40+ companies every week on the standard plan
  • πŸ’‘ Join our Slack Channel Leverage the power of community and meet some awesome founders running amazing Startups.
  • πŸ’‘ Latest Fundraises Find out which Startup raised funds, how much they raised, what industry they serve and if they're going to be raising soon
  • πŸ’‘ 100+ Email Templates Access to 100 industry tested templates from the best Startups. Use our "welcome emails" , "follow-up emails" and "introduction emails" immediately


Growth πŸš€

Contact sales and get a quote
  • πŸ’‘ Prelo Premium is for the most demanding business.
  • πŸ’‘ All the adaptability to meet your prospecting needs and all the data to support your business growth πŸš€
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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I use Prelo?

Prelo is the easiest way for you to find well-funded, fast growing Startups flying under the radar. Our customers are enjoying up to 400% growth week on week, as they fast track their engagement with key decision makers in leading edge Startups!.

How many Startups will I get in my inbox?

You will receive up to 250 Startups into your Prelo inbox every week. We are constantly collecting data about tech Startups across several platforms and right now we have over 40,000 funded Startups across 20 different industries and 1000s of locations.

What Information can I get from Prelo?

Intelligent data to help you connect with CEOs/Founders and build partnerships to grow your business quickly. We also share Social media information (LinkedIn URL), investment raises and hiring information. We track over 200,000 targeted professionals in Startups.

Do credits carry over to the next month?

No, the only plan that allows you to carry over your credits as long as you remain a Prelo customer is the premium plan. Premium plan subscribers, can carried over their credits to the next month for up to 3 months. Accrued Prelo credits are reset at the end of every quarter.

What have we done to become GDPR compliant?

We’ve read the regulations, received legal advice, nominated a Data Protection Officer to execute our GDPR strategy, modified our Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, improved our database and worked with our suppliers to ensure that every aspect of our operation is 100% GDPR compliant.

Can I cancel my Prelo subscription?

Absolutely, you can cancel your subscription. Simply login to the Prelo app and head to the pricing plans menu section. Click the "cancel subscription" button and this will ensure that your subscription stops and does not get renewed for the subsequent month.

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