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It saves us countless hours...

It saves us countless hours of research — what used to take a full day can now be time-blocked by one of our BDRs into a 1 hour slot.

Julian Hooper

Julian Hooper

Managing Director at Fluidic Growth Marketing Agency

It's helped me to connect with funded Startups

I work with Startups so I was happy to try Prelo. I've used it to build my network of Startups

Paola Ruiz

Paola Ruiz

Founder & CEO at Strategy Advisory Solutions Inc

Prelo is a time saver

Prelo speeds up our research by giving us crucial data to start meaningful conversations with founders on LinkedIn . . .

Dana Publicover

Dana Publicover

Managing Director at Publicover & Co. Agency

Start Conversations
with Zero Research!

Connect with founders, speak with investors
and build partnerships with zero research

For Businesses

List your company and start conversations with founders ready to work with you.

For Startups

Book investor meetings and close your funding round from investor lists generated for you.

For Investors

Increase your deal flow and start early conversations with founders actively fundraising.

Put an end to the misery  that comes with finding new clients

Put an end to the misery
that comes with finding
new clients

Discover a world where we tell you that your potential client just raised $30m! A world where you get to know exactly how much each client has to spend. No more guess work. Get the latest news about each company and export the business contacts of each decision maker to your CRM.

Shortlist recently funded
and target
key decision makers

No more wasting time with customers that don’t have a budget. With Prelo you’ll know exactly when they raised their funds. Use our laser focused filters to target the key decision makers and export their business emails and contact details to your CRM.

Connect with decision makers

Increase your conversion rate

Close more sales deals

Shortlist recently funded Startups and target key decision makers
Boost sales conversions with 80+ bulletproof email templates

Boost sales conversions
with 80+ bulletproof email templates

Convert sales leads with our carefully selected list of personalized email templates. Send cold outreach emails or follow-up warm emails with just one click

Book more sales meetings
win over more clients
with your industry knowledge

Receive regular news updates about the latest Startups straight to your dashboard. Dazzle your potential clients with your knowledge of their industry and win more deals

Get the latest news on clients

Use the news in your emails

Book more sales meetings

Book more sales meetings and close more deals with accurate data

We love our users

Here's what they have to say about Prelo, as they continue to
help us make it a super amazing platform ❤️

Oksana Shipilova

Business Development Executive

Go Wombat

Prelo is simple to understand and easy to use. Very convenient time-saving tool with reliable search results. Don’t hesitate, start using Prelo!

Brian Leung


If outbound marketing was a superhero and they had a name, it’d be Prelo

Mark Cabil

Global Account Manager

Lewis Glanz Consulting

Prelo has really helped us grow our business. It's user friendly and easy to navigate. We find and connect with new partners every week.

Stephane Nasser



A friend introduced me to Prelo, it’s everything we need when it comes to finding companies looking for their next round of funding. It was a no brainer for us!

Eric Rafat



Growth is a big challenge in any Startup. So glad to have discovered Prelo, it's the best platform to find new opportunities to grow your Startup.

Paola Ruiz

Founder & CEO

Strategy Advisory Solutions Inc

I work with a lot of small companies so when I saw this site I was happy to give it a try. The features are relevant to expand my network in the startup space and community. Looking forward to making more connections through Prelo

Selyna Ramos

Senior Account Executive

Niftie Commute

Discovering Prelo has made our lives so much easier in terms of reaching more people and companies, which eminently helped our business grow.

Josie Dahne

Environmental Analyst (intern)

PC Ventures

prelo logo

Prelo is a great tool for connecting Startups with students. It's easy to use and has made me connections I wouldn't be able to find on LinkedIn. I’m so glad I was introduced to it.

Sahr Komba

Director | Business Development

Stoneway Real Estate


Prelo enables us to forge relationships with start-ups very early on in their life cycle. That’s manna from heaven to a business like ours. Its ease of use is an added bonus!

James Solomides




Prelo is one of our main business development tools for connecting with founders of fast growing Startups.

Sven Radavics




We use Prelo to target Martech and marketing Startups at the exact stage of growth that is of particular interest to us.

Barbora Edozie


LemonTree Solutions

Prelo is a simple but efficient way for me to actively target the tech Startup industry. An industry which I'm not too familiar with.

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