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Case Study - Publicover & Co.

Publicover & Co. is using Prelo to discover well-funded early stage companies struggling with customer growth...

We use Prelo to find small and early-stage Startups with adequate funding and in the right phase of growth to be an ideal fit for the work we do.

About Publicover & Co.
We're helping Startups create the growth they need to close their funding rounds, increase their revenue and build amazing teams. Our strategy pairs a background in product and experience design with award-winning copywriting & marketing to attract, convert and retain more customers. Our work directly increases conversions, drastically lowers cost per acquisition, strengthens customer relationships and improves retention all within a few weeks.

The Problem
Our sales process is extremely manual and has been relationships-based up to this point. We've been skeptical of moving to sales tools, specifically because of the automation aspect. We don't want to lose that human touch or the personalized feel. We also know we can't automate the amount of research we painstakingly perform for each prospect. Prelo is well suited to the scale we're working with and supplies crucial data to help us qualify leads—information like funding status, open positions, and other details that save us time in our research.

How Publicover & Co. Use Prelo Today
Through Prelo we've been able to access high quality leads from outside of our own network and begin to scale our sales process a bit without losing a personalised touch. We're able to identify early stage companies who are struggling for language that connects with their customers, trying to convert registrations to paid users and even making the shift from investor-focused language to customer-focused language—just by looking at the data provided within Prelo's dashboard.


Dana Publicover

Managing Director

Case Study - Fluidic

Fluidic uses Prelo to proactively network with the right companies when they are most receptive...

At Fluidic, Prelo enables us to help growth ready companies stretch their wings at the exact moment they are ready to take flight.

About Fluidic
Fluidic is a multi-award winning growth marketing agency headquartered in Australia. We enable amazing companies with lofty ambitions to implement the same high-yield growth systems that have propelled the most successful unicorns on planet earth. Using a refined mix of strategy and implementation, we bring a layer of expertise and capacity to B2B teams who are thirsty for success and hungry to generate sustainable, positive revenue.

The Problem
External changes are a key buying trigger, so being able to quickly and easily filter through the noise with a tool like Prelo has been a complete game changer. It saves us countless hours of research — what used to take a full day can now be time-blocked by one of our BDRs into a 1 hour slot. This means more energy can be spent on building the valuable connections that bring value to our prospects, vs time wasted on research, bouncing between different tools and wrestling with social networks. Prelo enables us to maximise the human aspects of our work and minimise the technical. In an increasingly digital world where every second counts, what's not to like about that!

How Fluidic Use Prelo Today
Prelo is an essential tool in our prospecting arsenal. Using the app’s rich insights we know who is most likely to be ready to implement winning Go To Market (GTM) activities, which is a key qualification criteria for us. It's like a who’s-who of good fit prospects, curated to spark mutually beneficial relationships! Ultimately Prelo means we can proactively network with the right companies and people when they are most receptive, making efficient use of our resources and reducing wasted effort. When we initiate connections we do so with the confidence that we are in perfect alignment to add value. It literally translates into gold for our business development team!


Julian Hooper

Managing Director

Case Study - NearU

NearU uses Prelo to find Startups looking for on-demand workspaces...

Prelo is one of our main business development tools for connecting with founders of fast growing Startups. The funding updates and the hiring data we get from Prelo gives us an early indication that a Startup is at the beginning of a growth cycle.

About NearU
Put simply, NearU is the Uber for workspace. Our mission is to provide a truly flexible solution for businesses looking to enable hybrid working across their teams. Our aim is to provide a platform that gives users the ability to book workspace when, where and for how long they need it, and for hosts to find profitable solutions from the ‘work-near-home movement’. Check us out here

The Problem
Whilst our process for building out new partnerships with large and medium sized businesses has been repeatable and with great results, we always found it a struggle to target early-stage Startups in their growth stage. The biggest obstacle has always been having relevant data about their hiring patterns and funding updates.

How NearU Use Prelo Today
At NearU, we are using Prelo to identify founders of Startups that are actively hiring or have successfully hired in the last 6 months. We’re employing Prelo as our main tool for targeting tech Startups that are on the cusp of expansion, giving us the opportunity to start the partnership conversations much earlier than we would normally be able to.

James Solomides

Founder @ NearU

Case Study -

SwiftAds is finding decision makers with Prelo...

At SwiftAds, we use Prelo as our main marketing tool to source new partners and connect with key decision makers at fast growing companies. Thanks to Prelo, we’re able to close meeting requests from potential clients quicker.

About SwiftAds
SwiftAds is an ad campaign design and automation platform that uses artificial intelligence to optimise your ad creation and marketing outreach. Check us out here

The Problem
We just didn’t know where or how to consistently find Startups that could afford to pay for our services. When we managed to find them, the sourcing process was slow and cumbersome.

How SwiftAds Use Prelo Today
We are currently using the data intelligence from Prelo to fast track the previously arduous process of searching for funded Startups and connecting with key decision makers. The whole process from start to finish previously took us 2 weeks. We can now complete the entire process in a couple of hours!

Brian Leung

Founder & CEO

Case Study - Stoneway Real Estate

Stoneway is rapidly uncovering growth Startups with Prelo...

We use Prelo as our prospect engagement tool to identify key decision makers in growth Startups ahead of most of our competitors.

About Stoneway Real Estate
Stoneway is a tenant only commercial office space agency. We source and acquire office space for, amongst others, growing start ups, wealth management and VCs. Our sole purpose is to ensure businesses get fair representation, in a changing office space market, allowing them to align their growth plans with their office space needs Check us out here

The Problem
Although Stoneway has a good track record working with tech businesses, a major challenge has been consistently uncovering growing Startups at an early stage to be able to nurture a longer term relationship and be font of mind when they have a need

How Stoneway Real Estate Use Prelo Today
Prelo has enabled Stoneway to connect with decision makers from pertinent Startups at the stage where they are actively raising funds and hiring staff, allowing us to steer internal decision making and work with more clients

Sahr Komba

Director | Business Development

Case Study - Intribe

Intribe is building targeted partnership pipelines with Prelo...

At Intribe we use Prelo to build our own pipeline of highly targeted MarTech & Marketing Startups we'd love to partner with.

About Intribe
Intribe is a partnership marketing platform for SMBs and Startups - you can think of it like “Tinder for brand collaborations”. Like-minded brands have the customers you want. Acquire them with Intribe.

The Problem
As a partnership marketing platform we’re all about growing through partnerships and, in fact, it’s our primary method of growth. What may seem odd is that although we’re very good at connecting many brands with complimentary brands our user base doesn’t allow us to target the MarTech Startups that we’re keen to partner with ourselves.

How Intribe Use Prelo Today
Prelo helps us solve two problems. The first is the very problem we help other brands solve. By using Prelo we can be razor focused in targeting MarTech and marketing Startups at the exact stage of growth we’re looking for that could be the ideal partner. The second is finding additional prospects for our user base. Prelo makes the process for both of those highly efficient. Put simply, Prelo saves us time.


Sven Radavics

Founder @ Intribe

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