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20yrs in banking, but I felt something was still missing…

I left banking thinking I could saunter into the Startup world and win. Well, I was wrong. I started by failing, a truly humbling experience. On reflection, I'm glad it happened. We were not in the 90% that failed in the first year, but the 50% that failed after 3yrs. We didn’t grow quickly enough, we focused too much on the product, then the pandemic hit.

That experience has given me a deeper appreciation for why founders need to obsess about scaling quickly. As bootstrapped founders, we need to generate revenue quickly otherwise we die. From that failure, we took away several lessons, which led us to spending 6 intense weeks creating Prelo.

With Prelo, we wanted to use data science to unlock hidden growth opportunities for small businesses and early stage founders. We wanted to help them find customers and grow quickly by leveraging the experiences from our first attempt. It warms my heart every time a client of ours say "we're connecting with new customers ever week - Thanks to Prelo"

Building Our Team

Always looking for great people


From founder burnout to Silicon Valley, my startup journey with some life lessons…

My entrepreneurial journey began in 2011 following two years of teaching in Boston Public Schools. A couple of years later I founded my own wellness business which ironically closed down in 2014 due to burnout.

As tough as this failure was to accept, it opened up an opportunity for me to move to San Francisco, California. I immersed myself in a thriving Startup community, where I mentored and trained founders to become better at managing stress and building the capacity they needed to scale their businesses successfully.

I gave talks in the Bay Area for 6 years until the pandemic hit. During the pandemic, we all moved online, and I began supporting founders regularly on Clubhouse. We had large audiences, with a key focus on stress management and meditation.

In early 2022 I became more active on Twitter. I noticed Olu was too, so I reached out to learn more about Prelo. We decided to hop on a 15 minute call which quickly turned into an hour, once we realized we had the same vision. When I asked him, "how can I support you?" He replied, "I'm looking for a co-founder." I knew right away, I was his co-founder.

Finding Olu and combining forces is definitely a happy surprise. It brings me a lot of joy to be creating technology with a purpose to help founders accelerate growth in their Startup without burnout and we're just getting started.

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