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Milton Trotman

Co-Founder / SVP Sales


20yrs in banking, but I felt something was still missing…

I left banking thinking I could saunter into the Startup world and win. Well, I was wrong. I started by failing, a truly humbling experience. On reflection, I'm glad it happened. We were not in the 90% that failed in the first year, but the 50% that failed after 3yrs. We didn’t grow quickly enough, we focused too much on the product, then the pandemic hit.

That experience has given me a deeper appreciation for why founders need to obsess about scaling quickly. As bootstrapped founders, we need to generate revenue quickly otherwise we die. From that failure, we took away several lessons, which led us to spending 6 intense weeks creating Prelo.

With Prelo, we wanted to use data science to unlock hidden growth opportunities for small businesses and early stage founders. We wanted to help them find customers and grow quickly by leveraging the experiences from our first attempt. It warms my heart every time a client of ours say "we're connecting with new customers ever week - Thanks to Prelo"

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20 years in business development but I didn’t feel I was on the right path…..

Years of successful partnerships and business development positions across a diverse range of organisations afforded me the opportunity to work with everyone from CEO’s to Ultra High Net-Worth Individuals, global heads of FTSE 500 organisations to SME’s.

While this exposure to a rich mix of commercial intelligence and entrepreneurial drive allowed me to draw insights across a variety of business verticals, I was left feeling unfulfilled and limited by the confinements of archaic business ideologies.

When the Pandemic hit, most were stunned by the adversity, but I could sense the opportunity that lay within. Pivot they said. But pivot to what? So, instead, I took a step back and had a good look at how businesses have started to evolve. A “partnership trend” between traditional businesses and Startups was beginning to emerge. Businesses want to partner with Startups but how do you find which ones to partner with. There was a lack of centralised information and I realised at that moment that the gap needed to be bridged. But how was I to do this I thought?

Connecting with Olu, I quickly found that we had similar ideas on what was missing in the Startup world. Together we envisioned and put the groundwork into a central platform that customers could extract key information about Startups. Thereby tapping into a lot of hidden opportunities that would provide avenues to revenue growth and synergy for partnerships at the click of a button.

Looking back, I’ve had the privilege of being able to work with some of the brightest and most talented individuals from London to Cape Town, Singapore to Mexico. During that time, nothing gave me greater joy than walking the journey with someone who had little experience, but the willingness and instinct to take the plunge on business opportunities. Seeing that spark in fledgling business owners is the driving force behind my passion for making affordable revenue generation opportunities a focus.

By leveraging decades of experience working 1-2-1 with senior executives across industries and markets, we aim to make Prelo an indispensable platform that our customers love and ratify as an affordable tool that delivers unparalleled revenue generation opportunities.

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