6 Marketing memes : Mistakes founders make when launching a Startup !

I’m a 2x founder who failed with my first SaaS Startup, I did zero marketing myself. This blog was exactly what I needed when I was busy building product featuresπŸ™„ . The reality was, I should have spent more time marketing my Startup.

Most people aren’t too comfortable with marketing and that’s why we created Prelo to help founders and product makers put themselves out there.

My view is that, by doing marketing yourself you’ll learn what moves the needle with your target audience

Interestingly the people who created these memes are friends of mine, so I hope you enjoy them.

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memes are a great reminders for us founders to prioritize marketing!

πŸ’‘ 6 Funny memes to help founders prioritize marketing

As founders, we spend a long time perfecting our Startup idea. We often have visions of what the finished product would look like. More often than not, the reality is that we encounter so many challenges during the product development stage that we completely forget about marketing.

This blog is a quick reminder to us all that marketing is actually more important than our product. We need to start marketing our Startup as soon as the general idea has been formed.

1️⃣ Product launch received 2 likes & zero sales with no marketing

Tech founders spend so long building the product that they forget about marketing

I created this meme a few weeks ago. Why? Well, because I see so many tech founders launch on Product Hunt with zero success. They receive no interest from the community, zero engagement – nothing.

To get your product launched with some success you need to be an active part of the Startup community, you need to help fellow founders by upvoting their launched product, ask relevant questions etc… so much that many do not see.

2️⃣ Tumbleweed after product launch with no marketing

When you spend so long building your product without marketing

Thank you to my friend Dagobert Renouf the meme wizard and the co-founder of logology Dago started Logology with his wife and they are helping 1000s of founders create amazing Startup logos with a sweet combination of personalization and their technology.

Just like me, he spent 2 years in the wilderness as a tech founder until he found out that marketing was the secret to successful tech Startups.

Whilst hilarious, these memes have a sense of reality that Startup founders like myself have to face up to.

3️⃣ Startup founders adding more product features but no marketing

Tech founders adding more product features, without engaging with customers

Again my friend Dago telling founders to de-prioritize product features. It’s so important to understand that, unless product features are requested by paying customers, you’re on a slippery road to Startup failure. πŸ˜“

So how do you fix this? First thing is to conduct customer interviews, understand exactly how your customers are using your product. Ask them what additional features they’d like to see and specifically what that feature is going to do for their business.

Finally, get other customers to vote on those product features before you start building… πŸ“ˆ

4️⃣ Bootstrapped Founders’ focused on doing just tech but no marketing

Adding more tech is easy, it’s a bootstrapped founder’s comfort zone

Gene is the founder of gene.design a website, newsletter and blog that’s providing invaluable tips and tricks to help tech founders and developers build better UX for their platforms. πŸŽ‰

Since building tech is a comfort blanket for tech founders, the question that every Startup founder must answer every time they add new features is “when will you start marketing?”.

I remembered adding so many new features with our previous Startup because of a cool idea someone had. The feature was added, but they still didn’t pay for the product πŸ˜‚

5️⃣ Founders giving away their products for free, they’ve done no marketing

When you’ve done zero marketing prior to launching your Startup πŸ˜…

Let me introduce you to Michael Yagudaev, the founder of emojination , I describe emojination as the only way to create beautiful images for social media. ✨

Giving your product away for free again? hmmmm

Soooo…how many people have you asked about giving your product away for Free (the F word). I’ve had several debates about this with friends, but I settled on providing a freemium version of Prelo .

Our free version has very limited data, and I’m ok with that 😊. If you find value in the free version as a small business, that’s great. If however you want to use it more as a real lead generator for your business, you’ll need to buy the full version

6️⃣ If “marketing” was a human being, this curious look said it all

My 2021 Netflix summer binge – Money Heist

Perhaps not a funny meme, but I couldn’t let this opportunity pass me by πŸ˜‚ . Money Heist was the only show I watched throughout the summer. Sergio’s (Marketing) curious expression in this picture says it all. I’m sorry if you’re not a Money Heist fan

As I close out this rather fun blog, I wanted to say a huge thank you to the producers at Money Heist and the awesome individuals who provided the content.

Please follow them on twitter, their humor is all you need if you’re building a Startup

1️⃣ Michael Yagudaev founder of emojination

2️⃣ Gene founder of gene.design

3️⃣ Dagobert Renouf the meme wizard and the co-founder of logology

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