Generate more sales leads with September’s Startup funding updates

In this month’s blog, I share the latest fundraises from Startups around the world. Find out how to use the latest fundraising data to generate sales leads and close deals with newly funded Startups as clients. 💰

At Prelo, we have continued to add funded Startups throughout the month of September. As a result, 960 Startups have raised $27bn in the last 30 days 😲

To make sure you generate more leads, we ramped up our data loads for Ontario, Berlin and New York following feedback from our customers.

Prelo’s September 2022 Fundraise – $27Bn raised by 900+ Startups

In total, we added just over 5000 new Startups into Prelo from Canada, United States and Germany. The more Startups we add, the more opportunities you have for your business to generate sales leads.


What is a Startup funding update?

Startup funding is the capital or monies required to help a new business get off the ground. This capital is usually called an investment.

Investors such as angel investors, venture capital firms and financial institutions typically come together to provide the investment in return for equity in the new business.

When investors provide capital, the new business usually shares this information with financial regulators and other government establishments. This funding information is typically referred to as a funding update.

Receiving the latest startup funding updates will help you to generate more sales leads.

Want to learn more about startup funding rounds, please check out this blog on funding stages


What are leads in Sales?

Sales leads are companies or individuals who are likely to become customers at some stage in the future. Contrary to common belief, you do not need to have a previous relationship with a sales lead. You just need to know that they are a look-alike of some of your existing customers.

As small business owners, our job is to generate and qualify those sales leads. We must determine each of our lead’s level of interest to make sure they fit our ideal customer profile. This is a lead qualification exercise.

I’ve written blogs on lead qualification that I hope you’ll find useful.


What happens after you generate sales qualified leads?

As you qualify your sales leads, you should add them to your CRM. We have integrated Close into Prelo to make it easy for you to generate sales qualified leads. (SQL)

Once you generate your list of sales leads, start crafting your outreach message. I typically keep the message succinct, I identify a pain point and provide value with my first message.

If they’ve read your message and they’ve not unsubscribed, create a number of sequences that deliver value to their business. This is called nurturing.

Many businesses are failing to nurture their relationships. I can’t say it enough, nurture those relationships and aim to convert them into paying customers.

We’ve created over 100 templates at Prelo to help you with your nurturing and marketing campaigns.

Generate sales leads and nurture them using Prelo’s email templates


How to generate sales leads of funded Startups?

If you want to generate sales leads, the first step is to start with a high-level categorization of funded Startups. Identify the Startups categories by country, industry and company size.

To generate good quality sales leads in the Startup space, there are a handful of options to pick from, and Prelo serves as one of those options.

There are other products like Beauhurst and dealroom which you should consider adding to your arsenal of tools if you plan to give you additional analytics.

Worth mentioning that Beauhurst covers just UK Startups and Dealroom covers a global list of companies not just Startups.

September 2022 fundraising analysis – showing our customers where to focus their sales prospecting lists

Top 3 Startups that raised funds by country in September 2022

If you plan to generate sales leads of top Startups that raised funds in September 2022, then Prelo can help you.

Startups from the United States raised over $19bn in VC funds. While majority of the Startups in the top 10 come from the US, there was one exception.

1. Hero Future Energies

Let’s check out this Indian based Startup. Hero Future Energies is a sustainable energy Startup that raised over $400M in September.

  • Last fundraised $430M
  • Company Size 250 – 500 Employees
  • Location Delhi, India


2. Power

Next, we look at Power, a Credit Cards, FinTech company that’s based in New York. They are a payments platform that allows normal companies to launch and scale white-label credit card programs.

  • Last fundraised – $300M
  • Company Size 11 – 50 Employees
  • Location New York, United States


3. LootMogul

No blog about Startups is complete without spotlighting blockchain Startups. So, to complete our top 3 Startups in September, we bring you LootMogul.

If you are into the metaverse then LootMogul is for you.

In fact, they are the sports metaverse for athletes, brands, and fans to grow. It’s a platform for fans to engage with their idols and collaborate with the brands they love.

  • Last fundraised – $200M
  • Company Size 11 – 50 Employees
  • Location California, United States
LootMogul – the metaverse for trading NFTs of your favourite athletes


Top 3 Healthcare Startups that raised funds in September 2022

Let’s assume that your agency provides technical consultancy to healthcare companies. Prelo will help you identify those top Startups so that you can generate sales leads of Startups in the HealthTech domain.

Healthcare Startups raised $5.5bn in September. Compared to August, this is an 8% increase in a single month, just wow! 212 Startups raised funds in the Healthcare space, and we bring you some of the top fundraisers in healthcare.

If your marketing agency or consultancy firm provides services to the healthcare industry, then you’ll want to know about Startups like Nimbus, Sparing Vision and Sanity Group.


1. Nimbus Therapeutics

A biotech company using advanced computational drug discovery engine to create breakthrough medicines that’ changing the world. Nimbus Therapeutics is focused exclusively on curing human diseases that have proven almost impossible for other drug makers to tackle.

  • Last fundraised – $125M
  • Company Size – 101 – 250 Employees
  • Location – Massachusetts, United States


2. Sparing Vision

We head over to Europe to find Sparing Vision, a genomic medicines company that raised more than $70M in funding. Sparing Vision is already leading the way with a gene therapy approach for ocular diseases like Inherited Retinal Diseases (IRDs).

  • Last fundraised – $74.8M
  • Company Size – 11 – 50 Employees
  • Location – Paris, France


3. Sanity Group

I’ve pumped up Germany this month and that’s an indication that German Startups are doing well fundraising. Let me share one German Startup in the Healthcare industry with you. Sanity Group is classified under healthcare, but their area of expertise is in the cannabis space.

Sanity Group have a mission to unlock the health benefits of Cannabis and make it widely accessible to everyone in Europe.

  • Last fundraised – $37.6M
  • Company Size – 101 – 250 Employees
  • Location – Berlin, Germany


Top 3 FinTech Startups that raised funds in September 2022

Over the past 12 months, FinTech, HealthTech and Energy industry have constantly justled for the top 3 Spot in terms of total funds raised per industry.

Historically, digital agencies and consulting firms have seen London UK has been an oasis for finding well-funded Fintech Startups to work with. This month, things look a little different.

50% of the top 10 Fintech Startups come from United States. Let’s face it, New York and Texas dominate the FinTech space this month. There is a single entry for London, UK in the shape of Liberis.

Let’s see how companies like Liberis can be added to your growing list of sales leads.

1. Liberis

We are all looking for solutions to help us scale our businesses. Liberis is a FinTech platform that provides white-label revenue-based financing to its customers. Since 2017, this London based FinTech Startup has delivered over £500M to 17,000 businesses.

  • Last fundraised – $149M
  • Company Size – 100 – 250 Employees
  • Location – London, United Kingdom


2. Nelo

In 2021, Nelo raised $20M in funding to further develop its BNPL (Buy Now Pay Later) platform in Mexico. Kyle Miller and Stephen Hebson, the co-founders at Nelo are moving towards achieving their goal of creating digital e-commerce throughout LatAm.

Since we’ve been super focused on Latin America Startups at Prelo, it only made sense to share more ambitious updates from the team at Nelo. They’ve raised funds again this month and have come in at number seven in our top 10 FinTech Startups.

  • Last fundraised – $100M
  • Company Size – 11 – 50 Employees
  • Location – Mexico City, Mexico


3. Denim

Denim is a financial enablement platform that serves the logistics and freight industry.

Following their $100M fundraise in September, Axle Payments rebranded to Denim. Based out of New York City, this FinTech company closed out its Series B with a combination of Equity Funding and Debt Financing.

  • Last fundraised – $100M
  • Company Size – 50 – 100 Employees
  • Location – New York, United States
Demin raised $100M in September 2022 to improve its standing in the financial enablement space

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