How to warm up your email account and turn cold emails into warm intros

I often wondered about those marketers that subscribe to my newsletter only to unsubscribe before the first issue arrives. Then I figured it out, it was a way for them to get my email address and send me a direct email without getting stuck in my spam folder – bingo! 💡

In this blog we’ll take you through the key prerequisites to give your outreach emails the best chance of getting seen by your customers. Google spam updates have made things a little more difficult for everyone in getting emails delivered into inboxes.

Statistics out there tell us that 20% of the 290 billion emails sent every day never land in the recipient’s inbox. 😥

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40 cold email subject line examples guaranteed to get opened

As the founders of Prelo we have to wear multiple hats. I am the “sales guy”, Emily is our recruitment person with some marketing thrown in, and we deal with everything else in between. What’s clear for me is this…  there’re often times when we’ve had to reach out to strangers to help us achieve a goal.🏆

To do that, we both had to learn how to craft and send cold emails. What we figured out was this, cold emails need to lead with an offer. Our main goal was to make our cold emails a frictionless interaction. 

Yes, over 4 billion people are using email, it’s one of the easiest, safest, most affordable, and effective ways of connecting with people. Despite being one of the oldest forms of electronic communication, email marketing still gets some of the best results compared to other more modern techniques.

That’s why we use cold emails to reach out and connect with our prospects. 🤝

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