Last Webinar : How to target clients effectively with Prelo

A webinar for digital agencies on prospecting.

Join Olu, founder of Prelo to learn best practices and favourite tips on using Prelo toΒ consistently uncover well funded clients & grow your agency.πŸš€

Date : 3rd March 2023
Time : 13:00 ET | 10:00 PST | 18:00 UKT

This event is for existing Prelo customers


Duration : 60min (not recorded)

Frequency : Every 2 months

Theme : Hacks & Best Practices

What is Prelo? πŸ€”

Prelo is an AI assisted prospecting platform that makes it easy for digital agencies and consulting teams to target high paying clients with insane precision.

This webinar is best for : βœ…

Prelo Users
For the thousands of small business owners like the digital agencies, marketing teams and consulting firms who’ve registered on Prelo to find sales leads and grow a client base in the Startup industry, this webinar is for you.

This webinar will run every 2 months and we will share new tips and tricks in each one.

Here is what you will learn πŸ‘©β€πŸŽ“

1️⃣ How to setup Prelo to target multiple countries

2️⃣ How to save search filters to speed up your searches

3️⃣ How to harvest more Startups into your dashboard

4️⃣ How to write sales emails without being “salesy”

5️⃣ How to build email templates with our ChatGPT

6️⃣ Ask me anything

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Use Prelo to target key decision makers from recently funded Startups 🎯

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“Join me and learn how Prelo can help you unlock fast growing under the radar Startups in just a few clicks.”


Olu Adedeji | 2x Founder |

Olu’s Story

I left investment banking thinking I could saunter into the Startup world and win. Well, I was wrong. I started by failing, a truly humbling experience. On reflection, I’m glad it happened. We were not in the 90% that failed in the first year, but the 50% that failed after 3yrs.

We kept trying to sell to Startups with no money, we didn’t grow quickly enough and we focused way too much on the product. In May 2021 we pivoted to building Prelo.

If you’re fed up of pitching to Startups that have no money, then Prelo is for you

Prelo helps agencies and consulting teams find key decision makers from well funded tech companies in just a few clicks.

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