Gain Credibility with Startups – Take a Fractional CMO Role

A Fractional CMO role will catapult your agency’s credibility with Startups.  Learn how a handful of agency owners have managed to dominate the Startup industry.

How did Neil Patel, Jodi Watson and Michael Watson become multi-millionaires and leading authority figures in Startup? 

They took on Fractional CMO roles at Startups like Prelo. More Agency Owners need to take on Fractional CMO roles.

A Fractional CMO role at a Startup is the best way to boost your visibility and gain credibility in the Startup world. 

Grow your Agency by taking on a Fractional CMOs role
Take on a Fractional CMO Role to Grow your Agency and diversify your client base

Diversify your client base : Take a Fractional CMO Role

As the business world keeps changing, fractional CMO roles have become a sought-after choice for Startups.

Especially those that want to set up a powerful marketing presence without hiring a full-time CMO.

This has generated a unique chance for agency owners to broaden their customer base and reach new clients in the startup industry.

From Agency Owner to Fractional CMO – What’s in this blog?

In this blog post, we’ll examine the advantages and possible risks of agency owners taking on fractional CMO roles in Startups.

First, we’ll talk about the pros of working in a fractional CMO role, then we’ll share some successful agency owners making waves in the Startup space.

I’ll share some of the successes these these agency owners have had.

I’ll also share how they’ve taken advantage of their CMO roles to diversify their customer base and grow their agencies.

Secondly, we’ll go over the risks and obstacles that come with this kind of position, as well as ways to manage such risks.

Finally, we’ll explain how Prelo can help agency owners identify funded Startups in need of Fractional CMOs.

I’ll expand on how Prelo is the only resource and assistance that agency owners need to make sure they are successful in their Fractional CMO roles at Startups.


What is a Fractional CMO Role ?

Startups face a variety of marketing challenges. They have limited resources and a lean team that struggles to work on a tight budget.

This is where fractional CMOs come in and this is where their experience can be invaluable.

A fractional CMO role is ideal for a marketing executive that’s eager to assist Startups part-time or on particular projects.

As a fractional CMO, your role is to offer strategic direction to ensure the Startup’s goals and objectives align with the marketing strategy.

With such expertise and experience, Startups can avoid common mistakes and get the most out of their budgets.

To read a more in-depth breakdown on what is a fractional cmo to see if this could be you. 


5 Reasons why Startups advertise for Fractional CMO Roles

Here are some of the reasons why Startups want to fill fractional CMO roles:

  1. They need strategic guidance in finding their target audience
  2. They need to create content marketing strategies
  3. They have a limited marketing budget
  4. They need to acquire more customers 
  5. They want to understand their marketing performance

Startups hire fractional CMOs to get strategic guidance in identifying their ideal customers. 

The development of a solid content marketing strategies also plays a big role in this decision.

Secondly, Startups need to stand out, so they want help to build a brand across all of their marketing channels.

This includes, their social media, email marketing, and online advertising channels. .

Thirdly, a fractional CMO provides help with the acquisition of customers to drive traffic and bring leads to the website.

Lastly, they analyze marketing performance and adjust the strategy as needed for more successful results.

Benefits of Fractional CMO Roles for Agency Owners

Working as a fractional CMO in Startups can have many advantages for agency owners.

Some of those advantages have been listed below. 

  1. Diversifying your client base is one of them
  2. It allows agencies to explore new marketing strategies,
  3. Build long-term partnerships,
  4. Potentially benefit from stock options if the startup is successful.

Why your agency should look into taking a fractional CMO role

All of these can be particularly appealing for smaller agencies that seek alternative forms of compensation beyond a fee-based setup.

Agency owners considering expanding their client base should look into fractional CMO roles in Startups.

This provides an opportunity to acquire new experiences, develop their abilities, and bring in new leads.

Advantages of a fractional CMO role inside a startup include direct exposure to the most inventive and dynamic atmospheres.

The role gives agencies the option to work with advanced technology, and an opportunity to control marketing strategies from start to finish.

Moreover, by forming partnerships with Startups, agency owners can use their knowledge to assist in growing the Startup’s venture while learning how to build technical products.

Although taking on a fractional CMO role within a startup can be daunting, it is also highly rewarding, with the potential to significantly contribute to the company’s prosperity.


Successful Agency Owners who have taken Fractional CMO Roles in Startups

Many agency owners have reaped the rewards of taking on fractional CMO roles in Startups.

This has given their profiles huge exposure, and it’s helped them to carve out a place as authorities in the startup world.

Consider Neil Patel, who runs Neil Patel Digital and works as a CMO for KISSmetrics and Crazy Egg, benefitting from valuable insights into the startup industry.

Amanda Goetz, CEO of House of Wise and a former fractional CMO for The Knot and XO Group, has used her marketing skills to become a respected thought leader in the startup world.

Similarly, Robb Hecht at Suited Connector has drawn on his fractional CMO roles at Fivesky and PetPartner to become an expert in marketing for Startups.

These examples demonstrate how taking on fractional CMO roles can help agency owners build their reputations as experts in the field.


Startup Success Stories from Agency Owners who took on a Fractional CMO Role. 

Working as a fractional CMO for Startups can give an agency a chance to showcase its capabilities and appeal to new prospects.

An example of this would be Jodi Watson, founder of consulting firm Supersoniq.

Her consulting firm helped an AI-driven customer service startup named Capacity grow its revenue by 600% over a year.

This success led Supersoniq to find more visibility in the startup world, as well as more leads for prospective clients.

Other success stories consist of Michael Hodson of OnlyInVR. Michael managed to grow Lithodomos VR’s revenue by 22x in just six months.

This success led Michael to be featured at events within his field and gave OnlyInVR an influx of new prospects.

To conclude, becoming a fractional CMO for a startup is beneficial for agency owners interested in truly extending their business.

Doing so allows them to prove their worth and form connections that may lead to huge exposure as proven by Jodi and Michael above.


How Prelo Can Help You Find Funded Startups Looking for CMOs

Prelo represents an effective way for agency owners to find suitable fractional CMO opportunities, and build their network in the Startup industry.

In addition, Prelo gives fractional CMOs access to funded Startups searching for marketing guidance which keeps them up-to-date in this ever-changing industry.

    Unlock LinkedIn Profiles and email addresses of key decision makers
    Fractional CMOs can unlock email addresses and LinkedIn Contacts of decision makers



    In summary, Fractional CMO roles at Startups like Prelo present an excellent opportunity for agencies to diversify their client base, limit their exposure to contract terminations and bring in some leads too!

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