How to build a sales prospecting list of under-the-radar Startups fundraising in Aug 2022

My goal in this blog is to highlight where and how to find the latest Startups raising funds. I’ll explore how this will help you build a sales prospecting list and build revenue opportunities for the next quarter.

Prelo uploads thousands of Startups every month. We cover Startups raising funds from over 25 countries including North America, Europe, LATAM, India, The Middle East and Africa. 🚀

This month, we uploaded 760+ new Startups that raised over $21bn in the last 30 days. 💰

As a Prelo customer you have access to this funding data.

I’ll help you in building bulletproof sales prospecting lists that leverage the detailed Startup funding data we bring to your dashboard every month.


760 opportunities to optimize revenue and grow your sales prospecting list
Fundraising data is a goldmine for building effecting sales prospecting lists


How much funding was raised by Startups in August

With over 760 Startups raising funds in excess of $21bn in August, we have enough Startups to keep your digital agency busy for the next 12 months!

The top 5 Startups on Prelo raised a staggering $3.3bn which accounts for more than 15% of the overall funding raised this month.

Top 5 Startup that raised funds in August

Spirit Realty Capital (Real Estate)

  • United States, Arizona
  • Last Fundraise $800m

TerraPower (Energy)

  • United States, Washington DC
  • Last Fundraise $750m

Karuna Therapeutics (Pharma)

  • United States, Massachusetts
  • Last Fundraise $750m

Tidewater Midstream and Infrastructure (Energy)

  • Canada, Alberta
  • Last Fundraise $550m

Auxmoney (Financial Services)

  • Germany, Nordrhein-Westfalen
  • Last Fundraise $508m

These astronomical fundraises may seem somewhat discouraging in terms of adding the Startups to your sales prospecting list, but do not despair.

I strongly recommend adding such prospects to your list. The reason we recommend adding them to your list is because Prelo makes it super easy to connect with most of their decision makers.

Remember, these companies have between 50 – 500 employees. and this means that you don’t have a lot of hoops to jump through to find a key decision maker.

On Prelo we focus on creating a good experience for our customers by targeting small to medium sized companies. Targeting such small businesses helps us to optimize your access to key decision makers.

We’re improving on the experience for our customers by focusing as much on middle level managers as we do on founders and CEOs.

No one wants to spend months trying to track down a CEO of a Startup that just raised $200m when you can just connect with their “head of partnerships”.

Remember this, middle level managers may not have the buying power, they have buying influence. That is why we provide access to sales leads from middle level management.

Win over the middle managers and watch how they’ll influence the key decision makers.


Segment your sales prospecting list by country

We’ve collected enough data in the last 10 months to confirm that the majority of Startups raising funds come from the United States. If you’re a Startup, Consulting firm or digital agency with plans to do business in the United States you are in luck. 

High-level fundraising data from Prelo. Helping customers build effective sales prospecting lists
August fundraising analysis showing our customers where to focus their sales prospecting lists

The United States accounts for over 70% of all funds raised by Startups on Prelo this month. Reviewing the top 5 Startups in the previous section, Canada shows up in the top 2 as can be seen in the report above.

We share a similar report every month with our customers.

Top 5 countries and cities with the largest Startup fundraises

See below for more breakdowns by region and State.

United States ($15.4bn)
California raised $4.3bn

Canada ($1.75bn)
Ontario raised $990m

United Kingdom ($0.97bn)
London raised $544m

India ($874m)
Rajasthan raised $251m

Australia ($316m)
Victoria raised $194m

Sales prospecting lists can be built in 3 seconds on Prelo

How to build a Sales Prospecting List of funded Startups by country

We make this easy on Prelo with our search Filter templates (see templates above)

  • Pick a Search Filter from Settings
  • Update its Country Settings to one of the 5 countries above
  • Save Filter and check your dashboard for new Startups

A good target audience segmentation strategy is the first thing you need to build an effective prospecting list. Start this process by segmenting your target audience by industry and location.


Note: You can have up to 2 saved settings per Prelo account


Build a sales prospecting list of hot early-stage Startups

Sometimes small businesses like consulting firms and digital agencies just want sales leads from early- stage Startups. Compared to the astronomical fundraises we’ve discussed earlier in this blog, these early-stage Startups are fundraising between $5m – $10m.

The blog I wrote a little while ago on funding stages will give you a good idea that these Startups are in the Seed to Series A bracket.  

Just a word of warning, early-stage Startups are typically in the growth stage. Things can be a little unstructured and more like a rollercoaster ride but equally, the rewards are amazing. 

With Prelo you can build a sales prospecting list of Startups raising between $5m and $10m by using the filter options on the Prelo dashboard to niche down on your target audience by funding stage and funding amount.

5 Startups in Healthcare you can build your sales prospecting list around

See below for the top 5 early-stage Startups that raised between $5m – $10m in August

Imagin Medical ($7.2m)

  • Employee Size 1 – 10 
  • United States, Massachusetts

HealthAssure ($6.3m)

  • Employee Size 250 – 500
  • India, Maharashtra 

Neurofenix ($6.9m)

  • Employee Size 1 – 10
  • United Kingdom, London 

Sequel ($8m)

  • Employee Size 1 – 10
  • United States, San Francisco

Marta ($6.6m)

  • Employee Size 10 – 50 
  • Germany, Berlin 


How to find decision makers once you’ve built your prospecting list

  • Create a location and industry filters from the Dashboard  
  • Shortlist Startups by adding to shortlist of interest 
  • Unlock the email addresses of sales prospects
  • Connect with the key decision makers on LinkedIn

Send them cold emails using Prelo Email Templates

Build a sales prospecting list by funding recency and location

They say August is typically a quiet month since most VCs are away on vacation. For the purpose of this blog, we’ll share the top 5 companies that got their fundraises closed out on the last day of August. 

TimePayment, a financial services payments platform closed out a $375m fundraise on the 31st of August.  They are by far the largest last-minute deal for the month of August. You guessed it, they’re based out of San Francisco in California 

TimePayment – is a Financial Services Startup and Prelo details their funding updates and current rating


Sucro Sourcing, a food and beverage company closed out its $225m investment round on the final day in August. 

You can get in early and start building a strong relationship with some of the key decision makers at this Florida based Startup. With just 11 – 50 employees to target you are guaranteed to get to a decision maker. 

Provention Bio, a Healthcare and BioTech Startup with an employee size of 11 – 50 just raised $125m. Based out of New Jersey they wrap up our final list of top 3 Startups with significant raises on the final day of August.

Note that for these Startups with such large raises, it can take between 3 and 6 months for decision makers to fully align on how the funding will be spent. 

So, take this opportunity to build your pipeline and nail down the key decision makers and influential sales prospects an

For more information on building a pipeline of recently funded Startups, check out Prelo


Build a sales prospecting list of European Startups

Majority of the European Startups that raised Series A funding are either from the United Kingdom or Germany

To be specific, 90% of the Series A Startups that we processed on Prelo are either from London or Berlin.  
Below is a quick breakdown of the top 5 European Startups that closed a successful Series A funding round. 

Perenna ($30m)

  • Employee Size 10 – 50 
  • United Kingdom, London
  • Financial Services

Unstoppable Finance ($12.8m)

  • Employee Size 10 – 50
  • Berlin, Germany
  • Blockchain, FinTech 

Neurofenix ($6.9m)

  • Employee Size 1 – 10
  • United Kingdom, London 
  • Automobile, Autonomous Vehicles & Healthcare

Wombat ($8m)

  • Employee Size 10 – 50
  • United Kingdom, London
  • Financial Services, Fintech

Dryad Networks ($10.4m)

  • Employee Size 10 – 50 
  • Germany, Berlin 
  • Analytics, GreenTech



Some Closing Statements

Prelo provides its customers with a lot of Startup data. You can spend weeks going around in circles trying to break down how to build your sales pipeline with the latest fundraising data.

Funding data can be overwhelming so we’ve broken down a few ways you can apply segmentation to your monthly data 

  • Top Startups by Funding amount
  • Top Startups within a funding range
  • Top Startups by Country or Region 
  • Top Startups by Funding Stage (example – Series A)
  • Top Startups by Industry

In this blog I covered the basic steps to help Prelo customers build a prospecting list from using our fundraising data uploads in August. 

The process is simple. Start by segmenting your target audience. Do this by industry and/or location. Then filter by funding amount, employee size and funding stage. 

Finally, shortlist the companies you are most interested in. Once you’ve reviewed their description and you feel that they are aligned with your requirements check out the prospects section. And start sending emails 🚀

Use our latest email marketing templates to get started with your outreach messages


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