LinkedIn vs Prelo: Unleashing the Power of Prelo for Targeting Startups

In this comprehensive blog, we unpick the features of Prelo, an innovative prospecting tool that outshines LinkedIn as the tool of choice when it comes to targeting Startups.

With every business owner focused on growing revenue in a highly competitive world, unlocking the potential of Startups requires more than just networking prowess.

LinkedIn has long been a reliable platform for professionals, but is it the best choice when it comes to connecting and engaging with Startups? 

With a focus on Prelo’s advanced features, such as the latest startup funding amount, last funding date, breaking startup news, and hiring information, we’ll showcase why Prelo is the ultimate solution for businesses looking to tap into the startup ecosystem.

So let’s get jump straight into it!

LinkedIn Or Prelo, which prospecting tool is better for targeting Startups
LinkedIn Or Prelo, which prospecting tool is better for targeting Startups

Getting to Understand the Startup Ecosystem

Before we compare LinkedIn and Prelo, let’s gain a solid understanding of the startup landscape. Startups thrive on innovation and growth.

This makes it essential for businesses to have access to accurate and timely information.

Talking about information, the Startup ecosystem is a close community. So, If you are a service provider to Startups, word gets around when you do a good job. 

By leveraging Prelo’s powerful features, businesses can position themselves strategically to cater to the specific needs of Startups.

Believe me, our first Startup sold to other Startups, we just found it difficult to identify which ones were funded. 

That was why we created Prelo, to make it shockingly easy to find decision makers from VC-funded Startups. 


 LinkedIn vs Prelo: Why Prelo is the Expert’s Prospect Research Tool for Targeting Startups?

As mentioned above, we doubled down on targeting Startups because of how challenging it is to find information about Startups.

In this section we share some of the key features that sets Prelo apart from LinkedIn when it comes to targeting well funded Startups.

Prospecting Dashboard Showing Key Decision Makers
Prospecting Dashboard Showing Key Decision Makers in your Saved Prospects List

Comprehensive Startup Database:

Prelo boasts an extensive database dedicated to Startups, providing rich and up-to-date information on companies, founders, and key decision-makers. Unlike LinkedIn, which relies on user-generated profiles, Prelo’s data is meticulously curated and verified, ensuring accuracy and reliability.

Advanced Filtering and Segmentation:

Targeting Startups requires precision, and Prelo delivers just that. Its advanced filtering and segmentation options allow users to narrow down their search based on industry, location, funding rounds, and more. This level of granularity enables businesses to identify Startups that align perfectly with their niche.

Latest Startup Funding Amount:

Prelo provides up-to-date information on the latest funding amount secured by Startups. Understanding a Startup’s funding level is crucial as it allows businesses to tailor their offerings and pitch their services at the right level.

By aligning their offerings with the Startup’s financial capacity, businesses can present compelling value propositions that resonate with Startups seeking to optimize their resources.

  1. Client Discovery Tool - Prelo For Startups : Showing Funding Dashboard.
    Prelo Dashboard – Showing The Latest Funded Startups in the Companies side menu

Most Recent Funding Date for Each Startup:

Knowing the most recent funding date of a startup is vital for businesses targeting Startups. It offers insights into the Startup’s growth trajectory, indicating whether they are on an upward trajectory or potentially facing challenges.

This information enables businesses to identify opportune moments to reach out and engage with Startups, positioning themselves as valuable partners during crucial stages of growth.

Startup Growth Insights:

Understanding a Startup’s growth trajectory is crucial for effective prospecting. Since most Startups are Private companies, it is extremely difficult to get data on their revenue. 

That’s why Prelo provides valuable insights into funding rounds, key milestones, and investment stage, empowering users to gauge a Startup’s potential and identify opportune moments for engagement.

Contact Discovery and Enrichment:

Building meaningful connections with Startups necessitates direct access to decision-makers. Prelo excels in contact discovery and enrichment, offering verified contact information and social profiles, enabling you to reach out to the right people at the right time in the company’s growth state.

Latest Breaking Startup News:

Prelo keeps businesses informed about the latest breaking news surrounding Startups. This includes hiring updates of senior management members, mergers and acquisitions, and quick competitor analysis.

By staying on top of these developments, businesses can tailor their approaches and offerings to align with the evolving needs and strategies of Startups. This knowledge empowers businesses to have more meaningful conversations and forge strong partnerships with Startups.

Hiring Information:

Prelo offers valuable insights into Startups’ hiring trends, enabling businesses to stay updated on their growth plans. By understanding their hiring patterns, businesses can identify opportunities to position themselves as the ideal solution provider, catering to Startups’ evolving workforce needs. This information also helps businesses gauge a Startup’s expansion plans and potential collaboration opportunities.

AI Assisted Email Writer:

Having all of this information is not useful without being able to plug it into an email template. Here’s the thing, we do better than an email template, we’ve created an AI Assisted email writer that turns all the information we share into a mind blowing outreach email like the one below. 

We take funding updates from a Startup, we add breaking news then sprinkled a dose of AI to bring it all together and here’s what we have. 

Is it LinkedIn or Prelo for targeting Startups? Here is an AI Assisted Email Written in 3 seconds by Prelo's Turbo Email Writer to a Startup that raised funding in the last 6 months
AI Assisted Email Writer : Prelo’s Turbo Writer Writes well researched emails to decision makers in 3 seconds


LinkedIn or Prelo : LinkedIn Wins as a Networking Platform, But Not a Startup Targeting tool. 

LinkedIn has established itself as the goto platform for professional networking. However, when it comes to targeting Startups, it often falls short. In this section, we’ll explore why LinkedIn wins as a networking platform, but Prelo has the advantage when it comes to targeting Startups.

Networking Powerhouse:

LinkedIn’s extensive network of professionals remains a valuable asset. It serves as a platform for general networking and establishing broader connections. However, when it comes to Startup-specific prospecting, LinkedIn’s limitations become evident. 

There is no ability to filter Startups by funding amount, the funding information is usually months old and there is no data on funding Stages. This makes it extremely difficult to build a list of high-growth Startups worth following on LinkedIn. Let’s face it, not every Startup has interesting content – and that’s why we are here, to help them become interesting. 

Limited Funding Insights:

LinkedIn falls short in providing comprehensive funding insights for Startups. Users often rely on outdated or incomplete information, hindering businesses’ ability to assess a Startup’s financial health and funding potential accurately. The fact is, the information currently available is useless. We are unable to filter or group Startups into categories for outreach and/or engagement purposes. 

Showing LinkedIn's Funding Information
Limited Funding Data – LinkedIn Funding Information

Lack of Timely News Updates:

While LinkedIn allows users to share updates, it doesn’t prioritize timely breaking news about Startups. You are limited to what you see in your feed. For those with enough marketing budget to buy Sales Navigator or LinkedIn Premium for $160 per month the story is no different. You are unable to get specific news about “groups of Startups” in a particular industry. 

This hampers businesses’ ability to stay informed about crucial developments within the startup ecosystem, limiting their agility in offering relevant solutions.

Hiring Information Challenges:

While LinkedIn shares hiring updates across all companies on the platform, customers are unable to identify specific roles at a Startup.

LinkedIn provides limited visibility into Startup hiring trends and strategies. This makes it challenging for businesses to tailor their offerings and approach to align with the ever-changing workforce needs of Startups.


Conclusion : Final Thoughts on LinkedIn and Prelo as tools for Targeting Startups

When it comes to targeting Startups, Prelo outshines LinkedIn with its advanced features and tailored approach.

The latest startup funding amount and last funding date provided by Prelo empower businesses to offer customized solutions and strike the right chord with Startups seeking optimal partnerships. With breaking startup news and valuable hiring information, Prelo ensures businesses stay informed, agile, and ready to meet Startups’ evolving needs.

LinkedIn may serve as a general networking platform, but Prelo emerges as the expert’s prospect research tool for effectively engaging with Startups.

Embrace the power of Prelo and gain a distinct advantage in the competitive world of startup prospecting.

Client Discovery Tool For Startups : Showing Funding Dashboard.
Client Discovery Tool Showing Latest News on Funded Startups On Prelo

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