🎙Founder Stories : Build, Launch & Exit without fundraising!

A staggering 90% of Startups fail, and 45% of them fail because there’s no need for the product. Finding a steady stream of customers interested in buying your product requires more than just a good product. 

It requires good marketing, and most of us founders suck at this. 😏 

As founders we don’t employ marketing early enough in our Startup journey. We’d rather wait until we’ve spent 12 months building the tech or $150,000 on development teams. 💳

…but there’s a 10x cheaper alternative, and Go For Vertical is that solution.

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Find CEO email addresses for free and grow your business

We spent several months trying to find CEO email addresses so that we could send introductory emails and pitch Prelo to decision makers.

We had to do this completely free of charge and yes, I know this is kind of par for the cause when you are bootstrapping 😥

This blog was something I’d wanted to write for some time, so here it is. Like all of my blogs, this is coming from my personal experiences based on our previous Startup.

Stop Press, we’ve got some big news! We’ve started generating revenue. It’s extremely weird to type here, but in 5 years this is perhaps my biggest single achievement in Startup. 📣

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