40 cold email subject line examples guaranteed to get opened

As the founders of Prelo we have to wear multiple hats. I am the “sales guy”, Emily is our recruitment person with some marketing thrown in, and we deal with everything else in between. What’s clear for me is this…  there’re often times when we’ve had to reach out to strangers to help us achieve a goal.🏆

To do that, we both had to learn how to craft and send cold emails. What we figured out was this, cold emails need to lead with an offer. Our main goal was to make our cold emails a frictionless interaction. 

Yes, over 4 billion people are using email, it’s one of the easiest, safest, most affordable, and effective ways of connecting with people. Despite being one of the oldest forms of electronic communication, email marketing still gets some of the best results compared to other more modern techniques.

That’s why we use cold emails to reach out and connect with our prospects. 🤝

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🎙Founder Stories : Mike’s Startup journey as the founder of Busy to Leveraged

This month has been like no other, if you follow me on twitter you would have seen the news. Emily Leahy is now a cofounder at Prelo and I’m incredibly lucky to have her by my side. 🥳

In 2022 Prelo is focused on helping founders with two things Traction and Mental Health and I couldn’t have asked for a more accomplished cofounder to work with on this.

Today I’ll be talking with the one and only Mike Cardona about how he quit his 9-5 job to become an entrepreneur. Mike is a good friend who is an absolute genius when it comes to building automation for Startups and Small businesses 🔥

I can’t wait to find out how his new venture Busy To Leveraged can help my Startup community of founders get more done faster.

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