A simple Lead Generation Strategy to help your Agency secure startup clients

Lead Generation Strategies need accurate data

Let’s get your agency on the path to a successful lead generation strategy. We’ll follow the simple recommendations I’ve laid out in this blog. Just remember that 50% of marketers consider lead generation to be a top priority in their marketing campaigns. I spent 2 years as a Startup founder figuring out how to sell […]

Generate more sales leads with September’s Startup funding updates

top fundraisers in September

In this month’s blog, I share the latest fundraises from Startups around the world. Find out how to use the latest fundraising data to generate sales leads and close deals with newly funded Startups as clients. 💰 At Prelo, we have continued to add funded Startups throughout the month of September. As a result, 960 […]

The Self Service Prospecting Tool to help you find qualified leads and grow your agency

Helping agencies and small businesses scale sales prospecting

Running a small business without a self service prospecting tool is like doing your year-end finances without Excel. We found out the hard way when our first Startup failed. That’s why we’ve created Prelo, to help growing businesses find sales qualified leads without breaking the bank. 💳 40% of Salespeople say that prospecting is the […]

How to get more sales leads every month using these 8 simple prospecting tips

More sales leads every month with 8 simple steps

When we launched Prelo, I had terrible anxiety trying to attract new sales leads on a regular basis. In this blog I will share with you the 8 most important steps you need to take so that you can consistently bring new paying customers from the Startup industry into your business every month. 🚀 Let’s not […]

Sales Prospecting : 8 Steps to find the right customers for your business

Sales Prospecting is a core activity for small business owners to find potential lookalike customers

There is nothing more demoralizing than going through hundreds of email responses from prospects asking you to remove them from your mailing list. 😥 In this blog I will go through the steps you need to create a time efficient sales prospecting strategy for your small business. To prove this point, when 400 Sales professionals […]

Email Automation : 80 Email Templates to level up your marketing operations

80 email templates to boost your customer retention

In this blog we are going to cover the core email template categories we use at Prelo. We’ll focus on the key email templates you need to help you operationalise your startup and excite your customers. 🎉 Email marketing is a “grind” for solopreneurs 😬. Building email drip campaigns and creating standard response emails are even […]

🎙Founder Stories : Build, Launch & Exit without fundraising!

Prelo exists to help early-stage startup founders do marketing themselves

A staggering 90% of Startups fail, and 45% of them fail because there’s no need for the product. Finding a steady stream of customers interested in buying your product requires more than just a good product.  It requires good marketing, and most of us founders suck at this. 😏  As founders we don’t employ marketing […]

🎙Founder Stories : James’s Startup journey as the co-founder of NearU

Prelo exists to help early-stage startup founders do marketing themselves

Five minutes before my podcast, I crashed around our dining area trying to get my headphones and microphone connected in time, tech was letting me down once again. I’m meeting James Solomides, the co-founder of NearU. I like to think of them as the Uber for on demand workspaces, but James describes it very well. […]

🎙Founder Stories : Sven’s Startup journey as the founder of intribe

Prelo exists to help early-stage startup founders do marketing themselves

11am on a rainy Monday morning in London, I jumped on a zoom call to talk “marketing” with my friend and founder of intribe – Sven Radavics. Would you believe it, this is my 20th founder meeting of the month! 🚀 Sven had just finished his working day in Singapore, and as we got on […]

Product Insights : 7 Things customers wanted to know about Prelo !

We launched Prelo in August 2021, the journey to date has been challenging but exciting. Ask any founder bootstrapping and they’ll tell you how hectic it is when you have to wear multiple hats in a Startup 🤹‍♀️ I personally did a lot of growing up in the last 3 months. Interesting story (to be […]

Fundraising 101 : Startup funding stages, Pre-Seed to Series D Explained

Startup funding stages - Pre-seed Seed, Series A, B, C and D explained

I share a lot of information about Startups and funding 💰, so I figured it was time to write something that broke down startup funding stages means, how much is typically raised and what the investors tend to look for at each stage of funding. I had a secondary reason, I want to help Prelo […]

6 Marketing memes : Mistakes founders make when launching a Startup !

I’m a 2x founder who failed with my first SaaS Startup, I did zero marketing myself. This blog was exactly what I needed when I was busy building product features🙄 . The reality was, I should have spent more time marketing my Startup. Most people aren’t too comfortable with marketing and that’s why we created […]

Get your startup funded with a kick ass pitch deck

How to write a pitch deck to get investors interested

Perfect time to write this blog as we’re right in the middle of kicking off a fundraise for our startup, and naturally you’d expect this blog to be an easy one to write… Well, it’s proving to be a little more challenging than I’d expected. I know what you’re thinking hmmm… “he’s not a YCombinator […]