Last Webinar : How to target clients effectively on Prelo (Part 2)

Targeting Clients Effectively With Prelo

Join Olu, founder of Prelo to Gain knowledge on the most effective techniques and strategies for leveraging Prelo to identify financially secure clients and grow your business.. Date : 13th April 2023 Time : 13:00 ET | 10:00 PST | 18:00 UKT Get Started on Prelo Today! Sold Out Webinar Duration : 60min (not recorded) Frequency : Every […]

Last Webinar : How to target clients effectively with Prelo

A webinar for digital agencies on prospecting.

Join Olu, founder of Prelo to learn best practices and favourite tips on using Prelo to consistently uncover well funded clients & grow your agency. Date : 3rd March 2023 Time : 13:00 ET | 10:00 PST | 18:00 UKT This event is for existing Prelo customers Sold Out! Webinar Duration : 60min (not recorded) Frequency […]

A simple Lead Generation Strategy to help your Agency secure startup clients

Lead Generation Strategies need accurate data

Let’s get your agency on the path to a successful lead generation strategy. We’ll follow the simple recommendations I’ve laid out in this blog. Just remember that 50% of marketers consider lead generation to be a top priority in their marketing campaigns. I spent 2 years as a Startup founder figuring out how to sell […]

Generate more sales leads with September’s Startup funding updates

top fundraisers and startups in September

In this month’s blog, I share the latest fundraises from Startups around the world. Find out how to use the latest fundraising data to generate sales leads and close deals with newly funded Startups as clients. 💰 At Prelo, we have continued to add funded Startups throughout the month of September. As a result, 960 […]

The Self Service Prospecting Tool to help you find qualified leads and grow your agency

Helping agencies and small businesses scale sales prospecting

Running a small business without a self service prospecting tool is like doing your year-end finances without Excel. We found out the hard way when our first Startup failed. That’s why we’ve created Prelo, to help growing businesses find sales qualified leads without breaking the bank. 💳 40% of Salespeople say that prospecting is the […]

How to get more sales leads every month using these 8 simple prospecting tips

More sales leads every month with 8 simple steps

When we launched Prelo, I had terrible anxiety trying to attract new sales leads on a regular basis. In this blog I will share with you the 8 most important steps you need to take so that you can consistently bring new paying customers from the Startup industry into your business every month. 🚀 Let’s not […]

Sales Prospecting : 8 Steps to find the right customers for your business

Sales Prospecting is a core activity for small business owners to find potential lookalike customers

There is nothing more demoralizing than going through hundreds of email responses from prospects asking you to remove them from your mailing list. 😥 In this blog I will go through the steps you need to create a time efficient sales prospecting strategy for your small business. To prove this point, when 400 Sales professionals […]